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Bob produces, directs, and QCs audiobooks, as well as manages the company along side his wife Debra. He has produced over 1000 audio books. Bob has directed celebrity readers such as Richard Dreyfuss, Craig Fergason, Raven Simone, Maalcolm Jamal Werner, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Alice Cooper, Dudley Moore, Juliet Mills, Ed Asner, Patrick McNee and recorded Milton Berle, Whoopi Goldberg and Joe Mantegna and many more. Bob also works with celebrity authors and famous motiational speakers.

Besides more than 20 years in the audio book business, Bob has had experience as a Television Director, Videographer, Photographer, Voice Over / Radio Talent and Operations Manager for a LosAngeles based radio station. During his college days at UCA-LB, Bob was chosen out of hundreds of applicants to intern on the set of M.A.S. H. for several weeks based on a script he wrote for the show.


Deyan Audio is a mutlimedia company which was conceived in 1990 by Bob and Debra Deyan of Van Nuys, CA. Bob Deyan, from Los Angeles, has a B. A. in Radio/Television Broadcasting from the University of California Long Beach. Debra Deyan from Virginia Beach, holds a MBA from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.


Debra manages the editing and engineering team and QCs. Debra is responsible for financials and daily operations. Before Debra started her 20 plus year career in audiobook creation, she used her MBA in the swimming pool supply business as a Director of Regulatory and Legal Affairs for 7 years and prior to that she put herself through college as a saleswoman for 6 years in the wholesale fishing tackle industry.


Bob and Debra LOVE books and especially AUDIOBOOKS! So, when Bob and Debra got married they put their schooling and experience together and dove into the publishing world. When they got started, audiobooks were recorded to 1/4" tape. Things have come a long way since then!