Anna is an Italian-British (dual nationality) award winning actress, writer and voiceover artist. She trained in London at Guildhall . She recorded for Disney, HBO, Paramount, - in dubbing, ADR and lip-sync both on human, animated characters and video games. Commercials for brands including: Amazon, Vodafone, Stella Artois, Fisher-Price, Hasbro and Sony. She has a wide experience on audiobooks. She records in Standard Italian, Italian with regional accents and English ( British RP, American English, European and Foreign accents). Her voice is bright, smooth, clear and warm with a wide playing range, from small kids to middle age females.

Anna Elena Pepe
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Maria Elena Infantino is an international actress and singer. She is Italian/Bulgarian and lived in London while Training at East 15 Acting school and the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. Her credits include a guest star appearance at the Royal Albert Hall, for the 50th Beatles Anniversary with Dame Shirley Bassey, the role of Susan in the Emmerdale series for ITV Yorkshire television,and many Shakespearean roles in London and Rome. In 2012 she was nominated as best international singer from the LA music Awards.
Maria Elena Infantino
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I am a classically trained actress and graduate from the Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles. I was born in Milan, Italy and raised both in Italy and the United States. I have performed in several theatre productions including the world premiere of Margaret directed by Mark Ruffalo at the Hudson Backstage, The Day I stood Still starring with Chris Carmack on Hollywood Theatre Row, and Misalliance (LA Times Critics choice). I'm also a writer and storyteller.
Susan Bonito
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Diane Sintich
Diane Sintich is a classically trained actor and voice over artist based in Chicago.
Television credits include Law and Order-Criminal Intent and Chicago Med.
In addition to her love of Shakespeare she recently completed narration on best selling author Reece Erlich's Inside Syria. *
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Sonia Milan Patton
Narrating, reading means for me to enter into life stories and tell them as if I was the protagonist. Transferring my emotions to the listener is my goal. I became a narrator in 2006 in open air shows around the world and in the meantime being an actress, singer and voice artist helped me to live this job with passion and competence.